How to choose a phone case?

Don't choose it just by the color and its coolness, today we will tell you how to pick a phone case like a professional!

  1. Protect your smartphone from scratches: It's really important that your phone is protected from scratching because this happens on a daily basis when we put it in our pockets or bags. So what type of phone case will  protect it?

- The simple answer is, a phone case with a front lip. This lip will protect the screen from touching the surface when you put your device upside down and in most cases it also covers the back side of your phone to avoid any scratches.

  1. Protect your phone from dropping: Get a drop proof phone case that is rated for drops from at least 1 meter or 3.2 feet.

- A good idea is also to try the case before you buy it, put your device upside down and drop it from a small distance on a surface like tiles or concrete and see how it reacts (you can do this with  an old phone case as well).

  1. Protect your investment to retain its highest resale value: This is not the main reason to get a phone case, but this argument should be considered as well, usually phone cases that cost around $15-$20 that will protect your device from drops and scratches also keep the phone in better condition for longer.
  2. Make sure you can press all the buttons on your phone: Phone cases are often produced before the actual phone is released.  This means that the buttons on your phone might not be as accessible with a case that's been created from a data leak.
  3. Look for high quality materials: This is very important, the least you want from your phone case is to look and feel cheap and at the same time offer little protection.
  4. Make sure to pick a design according to your day to day activities.  If you are an outdoor person, pick a design that has multiple layers offers more protection.
  5. Think of your budget: Phone cases can be expensive, do not overspend when buying one because it will get worn out and dirty very fast.
  6. Make sure to buy a phone case that is lightweight and doesn't add too much bulk to your device.  This will still offer you good protection from dirt, scratches and other external damages.
  7. Lastly, where to get a phone case? Go for a company who has a strong customer service team so you can get in touch with  them if the need arises. Most companies offer a 1-year warranty for their cases.

In conclusion,  always think of the above points when looking for the right phone case for yourself. Buying a wrong phone case can be a very expensive mistake as repair costs for your phone can be anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the type of the device.

So, now that we have learnt how to buy the perfect phone case, let's shop!

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