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Only the Best CMOS Battery

If the computer starts displaying the wrong date and time at every boot, this is one of the important signs that it is time to change the battery on the motherboard. If that is not carried out in time, then the BIOS simply will not boot, and the PC will not be able to start the OS.

What is a CMOS battery?

For stable operation of the built-in timer and the CMOS chip, which stores all the BIOS configuration, a battery is needed. It supplies power around the clock, even if the system unit is disconnected from the mains. It is located directly on the motherboard, in the most conspicuous place in the round slot.

RTC CMOS battery discharge symptoms

The average working time of a CMOS battery for laptop is five years. But the battery can run out earlier. You can notice this process by the following signs: the time lags behind the set by a couple of minutes - this is the first sign of a malfunction; failure to turn on the computer, the system starts only after turning on F1 - the second and most serious sign of a discharge. If the CMOS battery for motherboard is not replaced in time, then not only the set date and time are reset, but also the BIOS settings, which is especially noticeable for those users who set up the system for themselves. These settings include: download parameters; acceleration of system startup; setting up a video card and coolers; configuring interfaces. The output of a system message is the last sign that the tablet is out of order. Such messages can be: wrong time and date; error in setting or reading CMOS; error of control memory CMOS

How to change computer BIOS battery?

CMOS batteries can be changed by yourself, it is not a complicated process. The main thing is to get the right battery, the one that will fit your laptop or computer. On the site suitable computer models are registered for each battery, it will be difficult to make a mistake. If you find it difficult to make the right decision, our support team will be happy to provide you with the assistance you need.