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Google Pixel Fold 7.6" G9FPL (2023) Shell Holster Combo Case + 3-Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Maximize Your Google Pixel Fold's Screen Safety with Rome Tech's Tempered Glass Protector

Elevate the protection of your Google Pixel Fold 7.6" G9FPL (2023) with Rome Tech's premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This pack of three ensures your device's screen remains pristine in all conditions.

Enhanced Screen Defense:

  • Top-Grade Tempered Glass: Each protector is crafted to offer the highest level of defense against daily wear and tear.
  • Crystal Clear Display: Maintain the vibrant display quality of your Google Pixel Fold with our ultra-transparent protectors.
  • Touch Sensitivity Preserved: Experience seamless touch functionality with a protector that feels like your original screen.
  • Hassle-Free Application: Designed for a straightforward, bubble-free installation process.

Value and Quality Combined:

  • Triple Layer Protection: With three protectors in one pack, you're equipped for long-lasting screen safety.
  • Complimentary Shipping in the US: Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on your order.
  • Rome Tech's Trustworthy Warranty: Benefit from our customer-centric "10-day No Question Asked Return or Exchange" and "6-month Product Warranty."

Your One-Stop Shop for Google Pixel Accessories: Rome Tech offers a curated selection of accessories tailored for your Google Pixel device:

With Rome Tech's Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Google Pixel Fold 7.6" G9FPL (2023), you're not just protecting your device; you're preserving its pristine condition and functionality.


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Rome Tech offers "10-day No Question Asked Return or Exchange"

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